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About Novin ehya

Novin ehya company was established and started it’s activity in 2001, as a lubricant oils and fuel oils filtration systems producer.

Knowledge of industrial oils’ properties and necessity of filtration to increase the lifetime of oils and machines, was the motive of the company management, who has endeavored in oil industry for years, to focus on producing the systems with the following objectives:

.Helping industries by reducing cost of maintenance and oils.

.Decreasing outsider dependence and developing national industries.

.Increasing job opportunities.

.Entry to global markets.


Now, Novin ehya company is able to design and produce filtration systems for all kinds of industrial fluids, refinery and petrochemical processing fluids and etc.

Manufacturing types of filter elements and cartridges is also one of our abilities.

Our other activities contain training, organizing and performing different conferences and consulting services.

By creating sales engineering and R&D units, we have always worked to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Now, by supplying high quality and standard products, adequate guarantee and warrantee services, we have found very good situation at inland industries and by starting exportation to middle-east and eastern Europe, we try for global development.