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Hot Oil Flushing Systems

Hot oil flushing systems are used for cleaning hydraulic and lubricating systems from contamination.

The hot oil is circulated under turbulence condition (Re³5000). This turbulent flow flushes the contamination from the surface of machinery parts and pipes and they would removed by filters.



The oil flushing systems include these components:

*         Particulate removal filters

*         Water separators, usually water absorbing filters

*         High capacity hydraulic pump

*         Heater

*         Reservoir

*         Instrumentation and control devices

*         In line particle counter (optional component)

*         High pressure Fittings, Connections, Pipes &…

These systems are designed and manufactured in different capacities by Novin ehya.

The flow rate of the system is to be determined by the following formula for different size of pipes:

Re= (Q/d*µ)*21.300


Q=flow rate(LPM)

µ= fluid viscosity(cSt.)

d=pipe diameter (mm)