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Ultrafiltration systems separate water from suspended solids and emulsified oils. These systems reduce oily wastewaters volume up to 95% and extend washwaters life.


Ultrafiltration systems start by putting the wastewater or washwater into a process tank. The liquid is then pressure driven across UF membrane.The membrane separates wastewater or washwater into two streams. One is containing the concentrated disposable waste that is recycled. Other is containing clean water that is continuously discharged from the system.



        Metalworking emulsions, rolling and drawing fluids for ferrous and non-ferrous operations

        Mold release fluids

        Washwaters in most type of wash applications

        Recovery of aqueous washers


§ Processing rate : 600 to 24000 lit/day-24 hours ,  model UF600 to UF24000

   (Larger systems are available upon request)

§ One-inch & half-inch diameter tubular membrane filters.

§ 100 micron washable pre- filter

§ Polypropylene process tank and wash tank

§ Motor, pump

§ PP or PVC pipes and connections

Input power: 380/3/50

Oil & grease content in permeate: 100 (max)


Ultra filtration technology is better than of older technologies (evaporation and chemical methods)

        Minimizing consuming energy

        No hazardous chemical additives required

        Automatic operation requires little attention and maintenance

        Minimizing system volume

        System is  portable